The Abuse Victim Support Project.

Despite its name, the AVS Project (Abuse Victim Support) is a programme; originally a pilot project designed and ran by survivors of Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence and Rape.  However, we now provide support to any individual who may need our help.

The Abuse Victim Support Project provides a holistic package of emotional and practical support to both men & women who are dealing with domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape; whether that is something that’s happening now or has happened in the past, providing immediate and free one to one counselling for individuals, in safe and secure surroundings.

We do this by providing

  • Face to face counselling in a comfortable environment.
  • Regular weekly sessions for as long as needed
  • Counselling visits in a location chosen by our client
  • A free and confidential service
  • Specifically trained counsellors
  • A client focuses service
  • Art therapy and Well-being services
  • Community awareness of the damage that domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape can cause to a person and their families.
  • Equality of opportunity, diversity, honesty, fairness, openness and integrity in all that we do

Our Multi-Tiered Approach

This is a multi-tiered  client focused “guided” ten step counselling programme enabling victims to be in touch with their trauma; learn to understand and recover from it, and build a safer future by making use of the programmes multiple  strands:-

The A.V.S is a project ran by NINE RED Presents…(CIC) a Queen’s Award Winning Community Interest Company that uses Arts and Psychoeducational therapies to inspire and motivate others to be, do, achieve and have, everything they want in life.

“We believe that each individual in society, irrespective of race, ethnic origin, gender, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, creed, disability, age, religion or political belief has the right to be and to achieve all they want in their lives.” Debra Knight – C.E.O of NINE RED Presents…(CIC)

Debra started a social enterprise in 2001, following being a victim of domestic violence and rape. She used art to heal and cope and was approached by others who wanted help also. This is how the philosophy behind NINE RED Presents…(CIC) was conceived.